It’s officially Spring-time in Oklahoma and you know what that means - April showers bring May tornadoes. That’s why it’s important to have these 10 items ready in case you have to leave your home as soon as the sirens go off.

We all know the drill- our favorite television show gets interrupted with hours of weather coverage, the sirens go off which is our cue to go outside and stare at the sky for a funnel, or some people just keep on sleeping!

But tornado storms are deadly and most of the time unpredictable, that’s why it’s important to have these items ready!

  • Cash: When the power goes out, the ATMs won’t be working.
  • Bottled water: It may be a little while until you can get to some water, or until find which tree your sink was thrown into.
  • First Aid Kit: For the minor cuts and scrapes or embedded objects a tornado throws around (think cows and cars).
  • Blanket: To keep you warm or to provide a shield over your head.
  • Food: If you lose your home or power, cooking will not be an option. Store some quick snacks in there to keep your strength up until food is available to you.
  • Flashlight and Fresh Batteries: In case the power goes out.
  • Candles and Matches: Again, the power will most likely go out in a severe storm, and batteries can drain after long usage.
  • Extra Clothes: Tennis shoes, sweats, and a sweatshirt/t-shirt is a great go-to outfit if you are pulled out of your bed in the middle of the night in your birthday suit.
  • A picture of everyone that lives with you: In case you get separated from your family during a storm, this picture will provide rescue workers an image of who they are looking for.
  • Radio: A battery operated radio is a must have when severe weather strikes and the power goes out. Cell phones may lose service and with no television you need to be able to hear about the weather conditions.
  • Tornadoes can happen at any time and leave little time to get prepared. What other items do you think we should add to the list? Send us your suggestions and we will add them to the list!