Dogs. They're man's best friend. It takes a lot of love and care to properly raise one. That love starts with the perfect name.

For ages, dogs have been called Fido, Rex, Spot and Buddy. A dog's name is important to the owner, as well as the canine. The right name can make a dog's life a happy one. The wrong name, however, can ruin it. Here are 10 terrible names to give your dog:

1. Dinner

2. Fo Shizzle My Dizzog

3. Butt Dragger

4. Ruff and Stuff

5. Mrs. Pawsberry

6. Fetch

7. Doggie Bag

8. Sit

9. Snip Snip

10. Snookie

11. Michael Vick

12. Future Tough Decision: Pay For Those New Shoes Or Get My Daughter Braces