It is always the most nail biting moment of any sports competition and the event has even begun. 11 year-old Harper Gruzins got her first taste of national media attention and just how mean it can be. See the video of what she did!

Harper Gruzins is was a young singer song writer from Carrollton, TX until Saturday when she was invited to sing the National Anthem at the FC Dallas vs. L.A. Galaxy Major League Soccer game. (I will preface with this before I get started) I am not here to bash a little girls dreams or the courage it took to stand in front of 10,000 people and sing our nation's anthem. Now that I have absolved myself of all personal responsibility...jk!

You knew it was going bad from the get-go when young Harper belted out her first off key, pitchy, overly extended note, and it only got worse. She did everything from awkward pausing in the middle of words to a hair metal-esque type whale at the very end...which seems like an eternity.

Sadly, Harper is not among the few she is among the many of professional singers who use their vocal talents to earn millions of dollars a year who have made their devastating mark on our proud song.

From Christina Aguilera mumbling full phrases to Luke Bryan reading lyrics off his hand, which actually worked but I will get to that, we continue to allow people to just run over and at times mutilate this nation's song. And it's not like we don't point it out to them almost immediate thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Before Harper had made it halfway through her version of the Star Spangled Banner she was already a trending topic on Twitter.

We are all too quick to rush to the defense of singers and song writers when we, or they, feel their First Amendment rights are being trampled when they are told what they can and cannot sing or write about but, shouldn't we form some sort of committee that is devoted to making sure we don't lose a great song. More often than not is seems that singers are hyping it up with today's overly vibrato music that traverses the entire musical scale on one single word. I doubt an entire committee would actually be necessary but I do think that venues should set some standards how the anthem should be sung at events.

Now, let's get to Luke Bryan as I promised even though he did commit a faux pas by reading lyrics of his hand. I applaud him for not trusting his memory and having a white knuckle wreck all over the anthem. As I stated earlier I am not trying to hurt a little girl's feelings, trust me you would not want me to give this a shot nor would I agree to it, but can we just get back to basics with this one? The most truly memorable anthems are the ones that let the song be on it's own, the way it was meant to be. See young Harper's first and possibly last performance ever!