Every teen dreams of what kind of car they'll get when they get old enough.  My kids are not any different.  Sporty,  sleek, casual, truck or SUV.  The list goes on and on.   And changes weekly.Meet Joanna Kerns.  She is like almost every teen in America with the same dream.  But for her 16th birthday, she got a car that has more meaning to it than probably any other car out there.  You see, this is the exact same car that she was brought into this world in.

That's right, her parents were trying to get to the hospital but Joanna had other ideas and was born in the 1989 Toyota Corolla - or as Joanna calls it the "Birthmobile."

So, now how many of us can look back at the car we got at age 16 and wonder if there is a story (or two) that goes with this car?  I am right now.