A couple weeks ago, my wife introduced me to a new game that is available for the iPod, iPhone and Android called '2048.' It's a neat little puzzle game where you have to add the matching number tiles until you get it to 2048.

At first it's easy because you start off with 2 then you match 2 with 2 to equal 4, then combine the 4s to make 8 and so on. Once it gets to 256 that's where it gets a little challenging as you have to combine more tiles to make a second 256. The higher you get in the numbers, the harder it gets as you must make a second tile of that same number and then find a way to get those numbers to meet in the sliding grid.

Each long-string combo you pull with the higher numbers gives a great feeling of satisfaction as you go from one number to the next in one swift move.

So what happens when you reach the 2048 tile? Well the game will then challenge you to get the 4096 tile to keep you going.

It's a fun little puzzle game and you can play it on your computer as well as any smart device. It's free to download at the app store and free to play at http://gabrielecirulli.github.io/2048/