In true Hollywood elitist style, the Academy announced their ridiculous gift bags to be given to the big nominees this year. It ranges from epic trips to plastic surgery, and of course, luxury toilet paper.

Armed with a very confusing high-fashion commercial, Joseph's Toiletries is selling what they've deemed 'enough' in the form of single sheets of tissue.

Granted, they're really thick, and come with spray bottles of cleaner and moisturizer... but honestly, I can't wrap my head around it.

Here is Hollywood's 'roll' of TP.

It's 25 sheets of their tissue, which sells for $16.

I almost bought some just to say I had, but the minimum order is over $250... so I'll skip that for now. You can shop for it yourself at Joseph's Toiletries official website.

So, in true style, I couldn't leave this alone... It bugged me that we live in a world where we have 'luxury' toilet paper. How have we become so out of touch with humanity? But I was curious if Amazon had it... The answer is, no... but they do sell 'luxury' toilet paper.

Renova is, apparently, the everyday mans 'luxury' toilet paper. Fancied in high-profile bathrooms around the world.

For around $20, you too can order yourself six rolls of luxurious 3-ply tissue in a variety of colors. Black being the most popular, followed by orange, green, and red... but Renova is available in purple, blue, pink, yellow, and ironically, brown.


I think the biggest selling point with Renova is, you can get all matchy-matchy with your toiletries...

Personally, I never thought I'd see a day when four rolls of TP cost $2... I only wonder where it'll go now.