I’m more than just the new radio personality for 1073PopCrush. I am what is commonly known as a free spirit. My entire life is motivated by sheer curiosity and a determination to succeed. If it peaks my interest, I go for it.

I live without regard for what convention dictates or what others expect. If you tell me something is impossible, and “it” just happens to be something I truly believe in, I will make it my life’s work to find a way to make “it” happen. This characteristic was in full-effect when it came to my internship & now current employment with Townsquare Media.

Let there be no doubt when I say I went above and beyond the norm to get this job. When other students were bouncing around from internship to internship trying to figure out what it was they wanted to do with their lives when they "grew up", I was hyper-focused on my grind with no doubt in my mind that I was gonna spend the next two and a half school years, or rather five semesters, accumulating over 600 internship hours specifically with Townsquare. I was convinced from the very beginning no other company in this town could teach me what I would learn here…& quite frankly, I was right.

Every project I’ve ever worked on as a student at Cameron University, either by myself or with a group, Townsquare Media supported. Everything from winning awards for outstanding broadcasting, flap jack fundraisers for my french foreign language club, a school documentary about the legalization of marijuana and the huge ad campaign & commercial I shot for Red River Best Chevy Dealers. These were all projects fully embraced by Townsquare.

Tanika Gentry

When I went home to New York City for Spring break and requested to take a tour of the Townsquare NYC offices, company management made it happen. I was even able to write an article about a documentary I am filming based on my time there. Having the opportunity to see firsthand how Townsquare is operated on a national level was informative, inspiring and well…amazing! It only solidified the fact that, as an intern, I had the full support of Townsquare.

Interning for Z94, K-LAW & My107.3 - now 107.3PopCrush - changed my life. But, to be completely honest, when I first started, I was kinda (low-key) consumed by the fact that no one there “looked” like me. Having just moved from NYC to OK, this self-conscious observation made me unsure whether or not I would be fully accepted for who I was.

I remember initially thinking, “Employees at a country, heavy metal & classic hits radio station in Oklahoma?! SURE, Jan. They’re never gonna give me a fair shot at successfully completing this internship. I’m probably gonna have to work really hard for every bit of it.”

But, this was of little consequence to me because I was totally willing to do just that. I was convinced that if I was just given a fair chance, I would give my all and prove to them they were completely wrong about me.

Funny thing is, with all my preconceived notions, I was the one who was proven wrong. Not only did the entire staff go out of their way to show me the ropes and make me feel comfortable, they all made me feel like a member of the team from the very start. The feelings I had were very similar to this story.

The sales and administrative departments were always there for me when I needed them and I appreciate them dearly. I feel I was most influenced by, and owe the most gratitude to, my Mentors Extraordinaire, the Townsquare Media programing department.

Audrey Foto

Their work ethic makes me want to be better; do better. They helped me to grow as a student, a writer and a radio personality through real work place experience, exposure to new ideas, activities and complete passion for the job.

The education I received from this internship was truly authentic and gave me a different perspective; one that I now use on the job every day. I am able to assertively build upon my natural strengths and abilities, while continuing to develop any weaker skills I may have and also work to perfect my writing style and radio delivery as well.

My media internship with Townsquare was most beneficial to me not only because it helped me solidify employment as the new Digital Managing Editor/Operations Assistant/ Radio personality for 107.3PopCrush. It also gives me the opportunity to give back to my community and contribute more to society than I have taken. I now have the ability to do something so good and so positive for someone, there is no way they could ever repay me. I discovered in a short while that I could help save lives and bring families closer together, and all I have to do, is write.

Tanika Gentry, Townsquare Media

I love coming to work every day, the people I work with & most of all, I love what I do. Townsquare Media makes me feel like the parameters of my limitations simply do not exist. They were worth fighting for over two years ago, and I’d do it all over again today. I’m just glad Townsquare Media feels the same about me.