Things have been a little crazy at the Miller place lately. Allow me to tell you all about it.


  • Insurance Headaches

    I have reached a point in my new employment that allows me and my family to get back on insurance. This has allowed my kids to go to the eye doctor. Great news. Only that when they arrived for their appointment the staff informed us that they do not accept our insurance anymore. What? Why could you not tell us this over the phone? That would have allowed us to find another provider. So several hundred dollars later and a mountain of paper work to file a claim off we go.

    Not to be out done, in the mail, we received four letters from our primary care physician informing us that in 2 1/2 weeks, she is shutting her practice down and moving to another state. That will give us ample time to find a new PCP right?  We have been seeing her for over 8 years. Now we have to start over and find someone who accepts my new medical insurance.

  • No Fireworks

    No fireworks display in my hometown of Duncan on Independence Day stirred up a bee hive not only from me, but others who thought the city could have done something. Anything would have been better than nothing. But I am not in charge and have been reminded of that from others in the know. To some, it is only a minor thing and there are bigger issues to deal with. Fine. But quit complaining when people go out of the town to other cities to watch fireworks and spend their money elsewhere, which could be used as tax revenue to fix the broken problems.

  • Christmas Already?

    What else? Oh yeah. Christmas has arrived in SW Oklahoma. Just yesterday, I was in a store to pick up something for my daughter and there was row after row of Christmas decorations. Wait a minute. Is this still July? I know some people like to do Christmas in July, but really? We just talked about back to school earlier this week. Can we not get over one hurdle at a time?