See how many of these foods from the 70's you remember.


There weren’t always microwaves, you know! Mug-O-Lunch came in such flavors as beef noodle, mac and cheese, chicken, and spaghetti -- and it could be stored in a cabinet or desk drawer, just waiting for preparation. All you needed was a mug (hence the name), boiling water, and five minutes of patience.

Marathon Bars:

The wrapper had its length marked off in inches, just to remind you of how huge and wondrous they were. Sure, there are plenty of ways to get your daily allowance of chocolate covered caramel, but the Marathon bar was amazing. The best part was opening a candy bar and pulling on the bar, watching the chocolate crack and flake away from the caramel.

Banana Flips:

What can't be filled with that fluffy white cream and not be delicious? They kind of looked like a sponge-cake taco, except the shell was replaced by a banana cake and the delicious taco fillings were replaced with tasty white fluffy filling. Banana Flips were also well known for their extreme messiness. The Banana Flip was open on one side so that if the cake was squished, the inside of the wrapper would be covered in fluffy whiteness.


It was around for a couple years in the late '70s, and for some unknown reason, just disappeared off McDonald’s menu. McFeast was a quarter pounder served on a Kaiser roll and was dressed with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. Given those ingredients, is there anything special about it? Nope. In fact, these days McDonald's offers its "Big-N-Tasty," which is pretty much the same thing, but without the Kaiser roll.

Quisp Cereal:

You can still buy Quisp cereal, but you have to be in the right grocery store on the right day with the planets in perfect alignment. Quaker Oats introduced the cereal in 1965 and it largely faded from grocery store shelves by the late 1970s. I suppose you could buy Captain Crunch, which tastes about the same, but Quisp had more charm and character. Maybe it was that cheerful alien on the box.