After apparently drawing something that may have resembled a firearm, and pointing a crayon, this Alabama school made a 5-year-old sign a murder-suicide contract.

Yep, it's official, the crazies are running things in this country.

Now, I promise, I'm going to make it through this without hopping off on a very pro-gun political tangent, even though I really want to...

Apparently, the officials at the school (who should all be fired at this point) sat down this 5-year-old girl and submitted a questionnaire to her. Asking her if she has thoughts of hurting herself or others. And wrapping the whole thing up with a contract (non-binding in Alabama) stating she would not hurt herself or anyone else in school .

Given the political atmosphere in the deep blue states on the far East and West coasts, I'm pretty taken back something this idiotic happened in Alabama of all states.