Saturday night I had my first experience  watching a Roller Derby game.  I went to the Great Plains Coliseum to watch the 580 Rollergirls skate, and left there definitely wanting go back for  some more  fun for their next bout on May 5th.

I wasn't sure what I should expect from the game, so I quietly sat down with my program in hand and started to read about the Roller Derby rules!

I learn new words that are often used in Roller Derby such as Jammer, Pack, Lead Jammer, Blocker and Grand Slam, thank god for the program or I would have been lost! Next I looked at the roster and started to learn my skaters' names-  CC Roller, Ramblin' Rose , Scarlett Jo Hatchet , Daisy Jukes and Trigger Trixie, you have to know the names and numbers so you know who is dishing out the beat downs.


When all was said and done the 580 Rollergirls put a beat down on South Central 158-68 Saturday night at the Great Plains Coliseum and will be back in action on Saturday night May 5th against the OKC Outlaws,.

If you have never been to a Roller Derby bout then you are missing out on all the bruising and skating fun and should make plans to attend. Tickets are $10 in advance and are on sale now at the 580 Rollergirls website, Great Plains Coliseum box office or any 580 Rollergirl. Tickets go to $12 at the door the night of bouts.

Are you a fan of Roller Derby?