Usually, we love you.  Usually we love you on Facebook.  But. . .sometimes . . .we just don't need to know.  The Pew Research Center did a poll and asked people about Facebook and their FB Family.  While over 57% use Facebook -- there were seven things that most say they hate about how some of their friends and family use Facebook.

The Seven Things People Hate About Facebook

  1. People sharing too much personal information!
    1. If you've ever heard a friend is getting divorced or a boil is finally healing via social media -- you know exactly what this means!
  2. Others who post information about you or pictures of you without first asking permission.
    1. I don't mind when they post pictures of us as kids -- but if it's me -- and it's recent -- and you took the picture without me knowing -- you better tell me first.
  3. Other people seeing posts or comments you didn't mean for them to see.
    1. 27% of people polled listed this as a problem with Facebook.  Dude -- this is just a problem with you not knowing how to use Facebook.
  4. Temptation or pressure to share too much info.
    1. Wow -- are these people mind controlled by social media?  How much pressure can social media exert over your life?  If it is this much, pick up a book and put down your phone!
  5. Pressure to post content that will be popular and get lots of comments
    1. Ok -- I get this.  We are mandated to post in our job -- so I can feel that pressure.  BTW -- I'll be posting a link to this article soon!!
  6. Pressure to comment on content posted by others
  7. Seeing posts about social activities in which you were not invited or included

If you read that list and feel anything other than 'man, who cares this much about Facebook?!' maybe you need to adjust how you interact with social media.  The second it stops being fun -- and starts being stressful -- go watch The Mindy Project or bake a cake.  If social media is making you feel anti-social -- you might need to take a little break!