A bible once owned by Elvis Presley was a hot item at weekend auction in England and sold for nearly 95,000, the weekend auction featured a lot of Elvis Presley memorabilia. Other items included cuff links, a few pair of shoes and Presley's legendary TCB necklace. The King of Rock 'n Roll's well worn bible, used from 1957 until his death in 1977 was sold for a whopping $94,600 over the weekend in England, which is almost double the auction house's estimated price. The bible included hand-written notes scribbled in the margins by Elvis himself.

There was only one auction item from Elvis that did not find a home and the was a pair of unwashed and underwear, worn under his iconic white jumpsuit in a 1977 concert, the undies believe it or not did have a bidder of $8,000 but the bid failed to meet the $11,000 minimum bid.