There is almost nothing like seeing someone give, from the heart, even when they don't really have.  The only thing better is to see that same person receive after their willingness for self-sacrifice.During our recent adventure participating in the 'Operation Santa Claus' Bicycle drive at Jim Glover Chevrolet each of our 'on air' personalities have written about their experiences that range from fun pranks, joy, exhaustion, happiness, the excitement of seeing all of the bicycles, and your typical Christmas topics.

I want to focus on one 'anonymous' woman who showed up to give a bicycle for a child in need.

I met her out in the parking lot.  I began to unload and bring in her bicycle, while greeting her with a 'Merry Christmas' and thanking her for her willingness to give.  She began to tell me how convicted she was when she heard the broadcast asking for our listeners to donate a bicycle and that she was actually headed to have her car serviced, when she heard it.  She explained that her car was way over due but that those kids probably needed a little bit of 'Christmas Joy' more than her old car needed that oil change.

You know at that moment, I just had to grin, and yes.....this 'Grinch' had his heart warmed, because you see 'Ms. Anonymous' hadn't heard the latest broadcast that said the next five people who donate a bicycle would receive a free Oil Change and Free Service from Jim Glover Chevrolet.

When I told her the good news, she broke down crying and I had to shed a tear myself.  She explained that she lived on a fixed income and just didn't have the money to do both and that she believed, as simple as it seems, it was a Christmas Miracle happening just for her.

Ms. Anonymous, I have to agree, it was a 'Christmas Miracle' just not the one that was so obvious, you see my perspective changed.  There is still hope for Christmas and your generosity has proven it to this old 'Grinch'. Merry Christmas!