The death of Paul Stanley's mother, Eva Eisen, has caused former Kiss lead guitarist Ace Frehley to pay tribute to her. Eisen passed away on Saturday (Sept. 29) from undisclosed causes at the age of 88.

Frehley served two stints in Kiss, from 1973-92 and 1995-2002. In 2011, he published his autobiography, 'No Regrets,' which chronicled his time in the band. The book reached No. 10 on the New York Times bestseller list. He is currently working on a follow-up, which he promises to be "an extension" of 'No Regrets.'

On his website Monday (Oct. 1), Frehley posted the following message:

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Paul Stanley's mother Eva. She always had a smile on her face at the Kiss shows she attended in New York and was always very gracious to me and my family when we'd meet backstage before and after concerts… My deepest sympathy goes out to Paul and his family. God bless.

Eisen's death comes shortly before the Oct. 9 release of 'Monster.' Two tracks from the album, 'Long Way Down' and 'All for the Love of Rock & Roll,' can be streamed here.