This week on our Adopt a Pet segment we have two new adorable pets, Wylie and Pogo, who are looking for homes they can call their own. We usually try not to get attached to the pets we get to meet and play with every week, but our hearts fell for both Wylie and Pogo. Read on to find out why!

Wylie is 6-months-old male Beagle/Basenji mix. He is potty trained and very sweet by nature. When Wylie first walked in he was wagging his tail and wanted a hug right the way. He is a shy pup by nature. Wylie was born and raised in a loving home but the owner already had 4 other dogs and couldn't care for a 5th one. Today, Wylie is living with his foster parents, but would really like to find a permanent home! XOXO Wylie.

When we first met Pogo we knew right the way that she was a special cat - with her beautiful colors and quiet by nature, Pogo makes for a great companion. She is excellent with other cats, but also very shy. She was living in a home with too many cats, and when her owner passed away, the husband couldn't take care of them any more. Pogo, likes to hide a lot, so she will require lots of love until she feels secure in her surroundings. XOXO Pogo!