Whether you're wanting to grow your family larger, or just want a little company, Fall is the best time of year to adopt your new best friend.

You might say to yourself... "Why is Fall the best time?"

Well, as the temps continue to cool, and Winter edges closer, shelters across the land start to fill up. This is the 'silly season' for most. Family holidays, lots of travel, loads of stress, school activities, etc... You would expect pet adoption slows as people with plans to adopt normally put it off until after New Years. Admit it, even you could tell yourself "Life is just too hectic right now. Maybe later." But what if now is the perfect time?

Now, I'm not saying you should go against your own best interests and natural instincts and willy-nilly adopt a new pet... But if you're ready, you should hop on it. The more good homes are found now will directly affect the level of care others get later on in any given shelter.

If you want to take the plunge, you might give the people at Lawton Animal Welfare a call. I'm sure they can make arrangements to let you meet your new family member.