There’s a reason the seatbelt signs turns on during moments of turbulence when you’re on an airplane — because otherwise you might end up on the ceiling like so much spattered food. 

The air got bumpy on a recent Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to London. One passenger said his coffee ended up on the ceiling and meals went flying every which way. He said there was an announcement during breakfast that meal service would temporarily be suspended, and the fasten seatbelt light came on. The captain then came on rather urgently, ordering flight attendants to immediately sit down and strap themselves in. A few passengers who weren't sitting were tossed around with the food and sustained minor injuries.

As soon as things calmed down, flight attendants reportedly moved quickly through the cabin to check on passengers and clean up the mess. Everything went on as normal for the next 10 hours, when the flight was met at Heathrow by paramedics.  Passengers received a box of chocolates for their troubles as they deplaned. A small token for the issues of a horrible flight that I am sure they would rather forget quickly.