We've all seen the tabloids that are on the checkout when buying groceries. "Alien Life Found" or "[Insert Celebrity Name] is really an alien." Now we can say that a living life form has been found in space.

This life form, which was discovered by Russian scientists aboard the International Space Station, found traces of marine plankton living on the windows on the space station.

Now experiments have shown that bacteria can survive outside our planet, this is however the first time a more complex life form has been found that could survive in space.

At this time the Russian scientists are not sure where the plankton came from or how it got there.

If the plankton proves to be from some other location in space this could support a theory known as panspermia -the hypothesis that life exists throughout the universe and is spread by asteroids and comets, in addition to simply drifting through the cosmos.

In other words it could possibly mean that life on Earth began thanks to extraterrestrials by unintentional means.

The theory by no means addresses how life began, rather how it got distributed through the universe.

This is of course all speculation and theory until a thorough analysis has been conducted by the International Space Station.

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