Here in America, a classic breakfast is either bacon and eggs, cereal, pancakes or muffins. Other places in the world have other delicacy's for breakfast that they consider normal.

I remember in my travels as a People to People Student Ambassador, that I had a chance to eat some unique breakfast items when I traveled in Australia and Japan. Australia had toast and the ever famous vegemite (if you want to know what vegemite tastes like, just imagine a french fry with what feels like 5 pounds of salt sprinkled on top).

Perhaps the most unique meal that stood out in Australia for me was spaghetti and toast. This is normally a dinner time meal for us in the states but in the land down under, it's breakfast.

Japan you would get served with miso soup, rice (which is included in every meal) and maybe fish or vegetables.

In the video above, the kids get served different breakfast dishes from Korea, Brazil, Vietnam, and various European countries.

Are there any of these you would like to give a try for yourself?