So you think you had a rough day at the office? Think about the pilot and crew of the Boeing 767 making a landing in Warsaw Poland. Once you watch the video, you might rethink how bad your day was. The crew took off from Newark, New Jersey to Warsaw on what seemed to be a normal flight. Just minutes into the overseas flight the crew discovered that the central hydraulic system had failed. This meant that the landing gear wold not deploy upon approach to land.

The pilot, Captain Lukasz Wrona, a veteran of LOT Airlines also has a passion for gliding which more than likely helped him to land the plane safely. The plane circled the airport for an hour dumping fuel to prepare for the emergence landing. All of the 230 passengers and crew made it off the craft and were checked out by medical personnel at the airport and were released.

So do you think you still had a rough day at work?

ABC News