White girls. If you are on Facebook, there’s a good chance you are friends with a whole bunch of them. Mary (a white girl herself) has been studying the social media habits of her Caucasian sisters, and has published a list of ’15 of  Things White Girls Love To Do On Facebook’ on her blog Fibromy-Awesome.

Some of our favorite of her funny over-generalizations are below.

Thank their hubby for being the best hubby in the world while their hubby is sitting right next to them.

Take pictures wearing a lot of makeup and looking really preppy while simultaneously making a “hard” facial expression and holding up what they consider to be a gangster sign. Potential caption: ‘Straight thuggin.’

Write angry letters to companies (Dear EZ PARK, I hate you!), unorganized groups of people (Dear slutty freshmen who think that leggings can be worn as pants..), and non-entities (Dear unseasonably cold weather, WTF?!)

Write a status in another language. Parce que, Je suis tres intelligente!!

Check out the complete list here, and let us know what your friends (white girls or otherwise) “love” to do on Facebook in the comment section.

[via Fibromy-Awesome]