Did you know that April is lawn and garden month? The drought last year has reeked havoc on a lot of lawns and trees this year. I'm noticing more and more weeds and dead lawns. We've lost some large trees because of last years drought. David and I feel like we are fighting a losing battle with our lawn. So, what can you do to get or keep that beautiful lawn this year?


Well, according to American-Lawns.com here are 5 simple steps you can take to a perfect lawn.

1. 'Get the mowing height right for the right time of year.'

I always want to scalp the lawn. Then you don't have to cut it as often, right? WRONG! According to the website, the perfect height is 2 to 3 inches. And about those lawn clippings...I always want to rake them all up and they tell you to leave them.

2. 'Use a sharp blade.'

You wouldn't use a dull razor on your face and you certainly wouldn't use a dull scissors to cut your hair. So, it makes perfect sense that you would want to keep your clipper blades for your lawn mower sharp. It also doesn't leave that "split end" look on the grass.

3. 'Regulate the water intake.'

We don't water the lawn at "The Mace Place". Even when I try to water my flowers and bushes David is always telling me I'm 'wasting water'. According to American Lawns, over watering your lawn can cause as much damage as not watering it enough. Most lawns require 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week.

4. 'Give your lawn a well balanced diet, just don't over due it!'

Just like you, your lawn needs to be fed as well. American Lawns recommends 4 feedings a year; spring, summer, early fall and right after the first frost.

5. 'Prevention is the best medicine for a healthy lawn.'

Preventing problems is better than having to correct them.

Use your local OSU Extension Office as it is a great source of weed identification, soil sampling, maintenance and prevention ideas. What are some of the lawn problems you are having to deal with this spring season?