Make Waves from NLand Surf Park on Vimeo.

Texas is literally making waves across this nation again with America's first inland surf park.

Now, understandably, you might call shenanigans like I did seeing as Kelly Slater introduced us to this technology almost a year ago in Central California... but it's his own personal training center. It's not exactly 'open to the public.' That being said, he's proposed opening a surf park in Southern Cali, but has yet to open such a destination. Insert 'Texas.'

Nland Surf Park is now open to anyone that wants to catch a familiar wave or learn to surf. Prices range from $60 an hour, and you don't even need your own board. It can be provided. You can also have a choice in the wave you want to catch. From small pleasure/beginner surf, to group settings, all the way up to expert black diamond reef sports.

But what if you don't want to surf? Easy, just go watch. Chill on the beach and snap all the pics you want with a $5 Shore Pass. It's really pretty awesome. I think Bricktown needs one of these.

Get all the details at the official Nland Surf Park site.