Even as more government agencies call for healthier food across the country, America's state fairs remain a safe haven for creative deep-frying. The Minnesota State Fair, which claims to have the largest daily attendance of any state fair in the country, has announced the new foods that will be available next August.Comet Corn Described as a "futuristic caramel corn made with liquid nitrogen." Sub-zero temps mean one breathes vapor trails of "comet dust" that leave a "tingly, bubbly feeling."

Chop Dog - A griddled all-beef wiener chopped into pieces and stuffed into a bread pocket.

Bacon Cannoli  - It's a cannoli with bacon.

Grilled, Glazed Doughnut  - With strawberry-mint dipping sauce.

Cocoa Cheese Bites - Crushed cocoa-puff-breaded Wisconsin cheddar cheese nuggets. Dunked in hot chocolate sauce.

Deep-Fried Monte Cristo - The sandwich is traditionally pan-fried, sure, but why not prove your love by going all the way with one that's taken a hot oil bath, been given a fine dusting of powdered sugar, then be-dolloped with raspberry jam.

The Big Andy You get a quarter-pound hamburger and Philly steak, onions, peppers, and a mix of melted American and Swiss.

Breakfast Sausage Corndog - The batter is pancake, the sausage is link. The sauce is maple-flavored.

The Idaho Taco - It replaces the tortilla with a russet potato.

Philly Fries - The bread found on a cheesecake sandwich has given way to waffle fries.