Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose was photographed without a bandana or his trusty fedora locked firmly on his head for what we reckon is the first time in about six years recently.

Now first off, let's be clear, that's an educated guess on our part -- when we searched the archives of our professional photo service, the most recent picture of Rose sans chapeau dates back to 2007, which was at the tail end of his approximately five-year braided hair era.

According to the group's Facebook page, the picture above finds Rose "partying like a rock star in London" -- specifically, in the back of an automobile and in the company of somewhere between two and four women. If we can offer a slight correction, by any definition Axl Rose is a rock star, he doesn't need to party "like" one.

Now, normally when a famous musician -- or any guy for that matter -- constantly covers their hair for so long, it's a pretty transparent attempt to camouflage male pattern baldness. However, based on these photos it seems Rose has nothing to hide.

Which means the eyes of a curious rock nation are now turned squarely back on you, Bret Michaels.