Back in 1959, Barbie Doll made its debut at the American International Toy Fair. Ever since her first appearance Barbie has remained a favorite doll for millions of children around the world. Today we celebrate one of the most popular toys in the world.

Some collectors say Barbie has represented women who have choices. Barbie has had over 125 different careers. On the other hand critics point out that Barbie sets unrealistic expectations of what women should look like. Whatever your stand might be Barbie continues to dominate the toy stores and even Facebook with over 3 million fans.

Little Know Facts About Barbie

  • Barbie first appeared in a black and white stripped swimsuit and ponytail.
  • The first Barbie Doll sold for $3.00.
  • Barbie has been dressed by 70 different designers.
  • Barbie has three sisters Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea
  • The best-selling Barbie doll ever was 1992 Totally Hair Barbie.

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