Baseball games day or night will always have a difference at some point. Weather it is between the batter and the umpire or the manager of the team and the umpire. It could be an all out bench clearing brawl between the two teams.

The Tri-City Valley Cats are no different. The farm team of the Houston Astros were in a already heated game on Monday when Matt Duffy was hit by a pitch. He was trotting down to first base and was waved back by the umpire.

The ump claimed that the batter did not try to avoid the pitch. This led to the exchange, quite humorous at times between veteran manager Stubby Clapp and the home plate umpire.

Not to be out done, another umpire gets in on the fun. Now we all know that a player or a manager has the authority to throw and umpire out of the game, but Stubby gave it a good run!

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