Batman is perhaps one of the greatest heroes in the comic book world. There have been television shows, toys and video games that follow the stories of the caped crusader and this year marks his 75th anniversary of fighting crime.

DC Comics has quite a few things planned for to celebrate this anniversary. A new animated movie, A DVD set of the Adam West 1960s Batman, Rocksteady's thrilling conclusion to the 'Arkham' story arc and the 'Gotham' TV prequel. It is shaping up to be a great year for the Dark Knight.

Let's not forget the Batman of the future, he is Batman after all and he needs some love to on this anniversary. 'Batman Beyond' came out in 1999 to mark the new millennium for the Caped Crusader. It follows high school student Terry McGinnis who is under the tutelage of an older Bruce Wayne who can no longer carry on his fight against crime due to his age.

We haven't seen much of 'Batman Beyond' since the season finale of 'Justice League: Unlimited' in 2005 where it gave fans of the show a closure to the series. If you ever wanted to see McGinnis as Batman then this animated short by Darwyn Cooke should satisfy both the need to see the Neo-Gotham again as well see some old Batman favorites.