Back in my day wearing the "tools of ignorance" (playing catcher), if a batter did anything that even remotely showed up my pitcher, the pitcher would get the "thumbs up"; a signal that would indicate the pitcher throw a little "chin music" to the batter.

In every day terms, the batter would end up on his backside!!

Major League Baseball has recently instituted rules to speed up the time between pitches in order to speed up the games. These rules preclude hitters leaving the batters box between pitches without be granted a time out. Routines like Nomar Garciaparra's batting glove check after every pitch or Mike "the Human Rain Delay" Hargrove's pre-pitch bast inspection would be "discouraged" in today's game. But this kid really never leaves the box, so he would be within the rules.

But enjoy this rediculously entertaining pre-pitch ritual from this Japanese high schooler.