People still read magazines, and apparently they are a niche market these days.


Girls And Corpses:

Having possibly the most accurate title ever, Girls & Corpses is exactly what it sounds like -- a magazine filled with pictures of pretty girls and dead things. Publisher and “deaditor-in-chief” Robert Rhine got the idea when girls would ask to take pictures next to the fake corpses at his graphic novel booth at Comic-Con. It works because, according to Rhine, “you can put a beautiful girl next to anything and sell it — even a corpse.”

Portable Restroom Operator:

In every industry, you can usually find a trade magazine specific to its interests. How could anybody who works in the porta-potty industry want to have anything to do with them off the clock? It’s literally a magazine about how to collect crap more efficiently.

Cranes Today:

It appears to be a monthly publication about cranes. Were not sure what you could write every month about cranes, or even how much the technology has really changed. Amazingly, they publish 80 pages of crane articles, every month.

Miniature Donkey Talk:

This is a monthly magazine for owners of small donkeys, because it’s not like donkeys haven’t stayed the exact same for 30,000 years.

Tan Magazine:

It’s an Australian "naturist" aficionado magazine. Not surprisingly, it’s full of beach reviews, naked people, classified ads, and ... recipes?


Yes, there’s a quarterly magazine called Fencepost and it’s literally about fences. It’s published by the American Fence Association, which apparently has it’s own convention in Las Vegas (March 4-8, 2014).


Do you still get a weekly or monthly magazine delivered in the mail?  What type of magazines do you like to read?