Come on down! You are the next contestant on the "Price Is Right!" For years thousands of people heard those words and got excited at the mere prospect of winning something from Bob Barker.

But more than people winning was that Bob always made a point at the end of the show to remind us all "to spay and neuter" our animals.

Bob has always had compassion for dogs and cats, he even would spotlight one on the show from a local SPCA and would encourage pet adoption. He has also been outspoken for other animals like whales, pigeons, elephants and more. But just last month Barker mad a donation that some animals swing from limb to limb.

Chimp Haven in Keithville, LA received a donation of $230,000. This generous donation will assist the owners to expand the habitat and make room for five chimpanzees and their associated care for a year.

The chimps are coming from a research lab in Texas that has gone bankrupt. The chimps have been living their entire adult life in cages and on concrete and will now have the ability to explore as if they were back in the forest. They are curious and smart and will adapt well.

If you had the means and wanted to support an animal cause, which would it be?