Change comes naturally for some people, musicians are no exception.  Well some have been slow to change.  Bob Seger falls into that  list.  Just today he has reached the digital age and re-releasing "Live Bullet" and "Nine Tonight."  Each comes with bonus tracks. Both are on iTunes and Amazon.

Also the Hall of Famer announced he'll continue his tour through early December with future stops in Texas and California.  You might want to catch him while he is out.  This is only the fourth time in 25 years he has hit the road.

He plans on putting the finishing touches this winter after he finishes his tour on a new album which is due out in 2012.   The fans both old and new alike will have some great music to embrace weather it is from the digital form (new fan) or on CD or vinyl (old fan like myself.)

You can see many artists that tour all the time and just experience a so-so show, but for someone like Seger who has not been on the road his entire career, this show will be one people will talk about for years to come.



USA Today