Boys and Girls Club of Lawton nominated their student of the year- Isaiah Malone. The Club had their annual luncheon where members of the community had the chance to meet with this young man.

Malone gave a speech that had the audience brought to tears because his words sent a strong and clear message- after school programs are essential for our youth! Kids who participate in such clubs have the opportunity to develop leadership and communications skills that will serve them well beyond their college education.

Higher education is what Malone wants. He hopes to go to Oklahoma State University and pursue an engineering degree. He hopes to get financial help from scholarships.

Malone said that it’s because of Boys and Girls club that he wants to be a leader and mentor others.

“As I continued to go to the Club, year after year people began to notice gradual, but significant change in my overall disposition, transforming my once infantile characteristics onto more dominant leadership skills.”

Malone, is an only child, though as he said it himself, he was supposed to be the youngest of five. However, his parents suffered four losses before they had Malone, who was a sickly child. But his parents did the best they could to raise a young man who dreams big.

Senator Randy Bass was also at the event and he told Malone “my boy one day you could be the president of this great country!”

And though Malone has a long road ahead of him, he knows that he has a strong family in the face of his club brothers and sisters, parents and the community he was raised in.

“This allows me to now do my job as a leader and guide other kids like I once was into the right direction and highlight their accomplishments as I further develop myself into the man that I aspire to be.”