When Emily Helck began treatment for breast cancer, she decided to document each day with photos. At the end of a year, Helck, from New Jersey, put the images together in an emotional time-lapse video. The video starts in September 2012 and ends a year later. In a blog that accompanies the video, Helck, who's 29, explains that it's odd to look back on the photos. "I feel, I don't know, separate from this person somehow, even though the last photos are from just a few days ago. I feel like the girl in the photos made it through pretty unscathed, though the look on her face sometimes makes me sad."

I find it intersting that she talks about herself in the third person. "the girl".

Here is a the link to Emily's blog.

Here is Emily's video

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Have you scheduled your mammogram?