Brian Johnson, whose vocals are practically synonymous with blue-collar grit, will soon become a doctor. The AC/DC singer will be honored by a unversity in Newcastle, which is across the River Tyne from his hometown of Gateshead.

According to Chronicle Live, Northumbria University will award Johnson an Honorary Doctor of Music degree at the commencement ceremonies on Wednesday (July 9). He will receive the award along with students from the Engineering and Environment programs. Johnson studied engineering at

Northumbria University's website says that "the recipients of honorary degrees are nominated by the University’s staff for their achievements, their links to the University - and for their sheer inspirational qualities."

It's been a big year for classic rockers being recognized by institutions of higher learning. In May, Jimmy Page received an honorary degree from the Berklee College of Music. A month later, Ontario's Nipissing University bestowed their first-ever Doctorates of Music on the three members of Rush.