Poverty afflicts so many people that it can feel like it's impossible to make a difference -- but like any huge problem, the most effective solutions involve the efforts of many, and that's where programs like the Global Citizen Tickets Initiative come in.

Spearheaded by Pearl Jam manager Kelly Curtis and Hugh Evans, the chief executive of the Global Poverty Project, the newly announced Initiative has united an impressively large list of artists -- including Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Black Sabbath, Pearl Jam, Beyonce, Kanye West, and My Morning Jacket -- that have agreed to donate a pair of tickets to each show they perform over the next three years. And who do those tickets go to? You, if you're lucky.

Here's the way it works: The donated tickets go into a lottery, where they're available to users who earn points by raising money for charity (or simply by sharing Facebook videos that educate the viewer about extreme poverty). As Curtis told Rolling Stone, the idea came to him after years of fielding requests that, while certainly noble, would have proved impossible for his clients to keep up with. "I'm hit up every day for something, whether it's to play or donate a song or give money," he explained. "I just thought, 'What would accomplish a lot that wouldn't require time or anything -- what if everyone gave a show?' You're talking about social activism in a really great way."

To learn more about the program -- and to start earning points today -- visit the Global Citizen Tickets Initiative's website.