In honor of 'Peace Day' coming up, Burger King has asked McDonald's to cooperate in making the first ever McWhopper. Lobbing the first shot in 2015's Peace War.

Marketing is a cut throat thing. While it may be a good thought that two burger chains might get together for peace, the real icing on the cake is as follows.

Burger King, playing the part of the underdog in this scenario, is pretty much asking McDonald's for a bailout in the name of peace.

While Americans rate BK higher on the scale than McD's, the King still falls pretty far down the fast food list. Rated as the 15th favorite chain in the US. Still, BK's sales aren't even a third of McD's global domination.

So, it makes perfect sense that Burger King would throw out a request like this. As both restaurants have been making less money each year, they both need something to spark revenues. A joint promotion makes business sense. Seeing that BK is the one publicly soliciting such a venture, they have struck the first blow in their own strive for survival.