Why do I have to suffer, meth head??

Oklahoma is leading the way in a movement to get over the counter drugs like my fav Advil Cold & Sinus back behind the counter and available only by prescription.  This, of course, is a huge OVER-reaction to the raging meth problem that has swept our state in the last decade.

My main question is this to state government:  Do you truly believe restricting Advil's cold medicine and others like it will stop meth makers from crafting the drug?  Will it stop the demand?  NO.  It won't.

First, meth makers will rely on friendly states to increase their supply.  That is until they find a way to make it without that key ingredient that also stops my cold symptom better than anything else.  And they will.  And they will find that quickly.  Then it will be even harder.

I know the problem is insurmountable to the local police forces who are out there every day.  I don't think this will help them.

And it will only hurt the rest of us who would rather not pay that 20% copay to go to the doctor, then pay at the pharmacy for a box of medicine that currently costs about $6.00.  Suddenly, the cost of that box will be $46.00 . . . and then, of course, you'll have to take off work to go see the doctor, too.

Sometimes, we need to not panic and just be reasonable.  For the sake of my bi-yearly cold and the sake of common sense:  please leave my cold medicine on the shelf.