It was no surprise when Marvel announced there would be a third installment to Captain America, although the release date is something I don't think moviegoers expected.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the All-American Marvel hero and leader of the Avengers will have his third entry released on May 6, 2016. Does this date sound familiar, do you have a feeling that another major blockbuster is going to be released at that time.

No it's not your imagination there is another film set to release on that day, Warner Bros. and DC's highly anticipated Batman/Superman film.

At first the DC film was going to be released in July 15, 2015, after Avengers 2: Age of Ultron would begin to phase out of the theaters. However The DC duo later got pushed back due to production delays.

Marvel has already has a movie slated for that May 6 date but did not state would the movie would be until just recently.

However now it seems Marvel really wants their fight with DC to see who is supreme in the box office. Will Warner delay their movie again to steer clear from Captain America or will they accept the challenge?