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Don’t Drive Sad….
Hey, There.  How ya feeling today?  If you are sad, you might want to catch a ride from someone else because a new study from Virginia Tech says driving while sad can increase your chances of an accident by 10x.
How many sad people do we have in Lawton and how can we make them happier???  We need to …
Road Condition Updates
Today is not the best day to travel, especially if you are going . . . well, anywhere.
Road conditions in SW Oklahoma through Texas are nasty and you need to check before you go.
Double check road conditions:
interactive map
or call ODOT:  844-465-4997 for current Oklahoma road conditi…
NASA Tests Mars Spacecraft Over Hawaii
If the residents of Kauai, Hawaii thought they saw a flying saucer Saturday, they might not be crazy. Except what they saw didn't come from outer space, though that may be its ultimate destination.