While the guillotine, as a method of execution, may seem pretty brutal. It's far better than the botched executions brought to you by the state.

Don't feel bad. This mans name is Eugen Weidmann. He was convicted of six murders.

Today, July 14th, is the anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille in 1789. You see, there was a time when the French would actually stand up for themselves. Concerned that their grievances wouldn't be taken to heart by French King Louis XVI, the people decided to arm themselves. So they literally stormed the Bastille. A fortress armory and prison.

Since the guards there were mostly as concerned as the people, and not looking to die on the job, they gave in and helped arm the people.

This lead to the French Revolution, and the rest was history. Seriously though, it's good history. You should read up on it. Very interesting.

Now, you might be wondering... Is this execution somehow tied to Bastille Day? And the answer is no. This execution took place on July 17th, 1939.

Another fun fact... Christopher Lee, you know, Lord of Darkness in movies and metal, was actually present to witness this very execution. He was 17.

Another fun fact... While this was the last public execution using such a device, the use of the guillotine continued on until 1977. Still a humane way to go.

Did you watch the last public execution? Or did you waste all that time reading? Hit play.