I remember as a child living in a small two bedroom country home, just on the Oklahoma/Missouri line outside of Seneca, Missouri.   That wonderful smell of the tree that dad and I went out into the woods and cut down for Christmas, granted it was just a common cedar tree, but it gave a great sense of a the season and left a life long impression of what a Christmas Tree should be.   I can still smell that tree as I type this, man do I miss being a kid.  Everything was so stimulating to the senses, think about the smell of Grandma's Rolls in the oven, the warm sensation of Papa's Fireplace when I got just a little too close, and the texture of that special blanket that I loved so much.

When I think of Christmas I remember my childhood and how important the
Tree was.  Somewhere over the years we have gotten away from the 'live' Christmas Tree and have swayed towards the artificial.

Live tree sales have declined 27% over the last decade and 50% since the mid 70's.

Which do you prefer a live tree or a fake one?