Classic gamers rejoice!

Atari Game Systems has announced that it is bringing a collection of 100 of its most classic console games to PC's across the world, promising a range of usability upgrades to the originals. Packaged under one title, Atari Vault, Atari will bring together some of its all time best selling titles, including Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, Tempest and Warlord. The initial release is planned for both Windows and the Steam system in the spring, with Mac system support to be launched later.

According to Atari, the games will be "re-imagined". The company was not clear what, if any, changes have been made to the games, other than there will be a change to user interfaces, support for the Steam controller, and both online and local multiplayer competition. There will also also be world wide "scoreboards".

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Atari has not announced if all the classic games will be released at once, or if the will be released sequentially, with less desirable titles added as "filler". Some of the games announced have been previously available, whether officially or in "knock-off" versions. Many gaming experts believe that one big difference in these releases will be the availability of Steam's controller can more closely emulate the trackball used for many Atari 5200 games, primarily Missile Command and Centipede.

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