The world has lost an innovator Barry Becher the co-founder of Ginsu Knives. Back in 1975  Becher and Ginsu co-founder Ed Valenti put their heads together and teamed up and forever changed the way products are marketed on television with the first infomercial.

I am not 100% sure on how many Ginsu sets have been sold over the years from the Ginsu Knives infomercials, but I will  admit that I have a set and they are still cutting as good as the day they showed up in the mail. as for the number of Ginsu sold it's estimated the infomercial ads fueled sales of between two and three million Ginsu sets between 1978 and 1984.

But wait there's more, Ginsu knives weren't the only products that Barry Becher and Ed Valenti inented and sold, others included the Miracle Painter, Miracle Slicer,  Miracle Duster, Vacufresh, The "Chainge" Adjustable Necklace, Lusterware Flatware and Armourcote Cookware.

Original Ginsu Commercial

and yes the Ginsu infomercial has been spoofed too

Jedi Ginsu