Back in April, the state was a buzz with the excitement that you could possibly starting getting cold high-point beer in stores. The OK State Congress was overwhelmingly supportive of this idea, going as far as to put the final decision in our hands via November's ballot.

As you'd expect, a number of liquor store owners under the guise of 'Retail Liquor Association of Oklahoma' started fighting this idea pretty much out of the gate. And I don't blame them. This line of legislation has the potential to cut into their profits when we the people aren't forced to shop expensive liquor stores for full-strength beer and wine. You'd be able to pick that stuff up with your groceries and gas.

The major argument is that this legislation will put liquor stores out of business. Which would only happen to outlets that refused to compete on prices.

The Retail Liquor Association of Oklahoma took their argument to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, and it seems they've won. For all intents and purposes, this vote has effectively been stricken from the ballot.

While it's most likely a decision that won't be overturned or even challenged, there is more legislation currently working its way through legislative offices that could bring us the right to buy 'real' beer in grocery stores soon. As for me, I'll start by exercising that right to refuse to buy said 'real' beer from those who want to extort it. Guess I'll just stay satisfied with the 3.2 I get at the gas station.