It doesn't matter where you live in Oklahoma, the sayings are all the same... "You can't get real beer in Oklahoma." Which was never really true. You could, and still can buy real beer in Oklahoma, but it's sold hot and for twice the price through your favorite liquor store. Or you'd skip over the state line, pick up a cooler full, and high-tail back across 2MPH under the speed limit for good measure. Fortunately, these shenanigans might be coming to an end.

Over the last few years, as craft beer and micro-breweries finally started gaining popularity in the Sooner state, there has been a huge push for a change to what's called 'archaic' alcohol laws. A push that is finally being realized in the legislative powers that be, passing an Oklahoma State House of Representatives panel.

If made into law, we would finally be able to buy 'full strength' beer and wine in our grocery stores and gas stations. Plus, those same liquor stores would be able to sell that product ice cold. All in all, a seemingly win-win for consumers. Cold craft beer at retailers who compete on price.