Over the past eight weeks approximately 20 different contestants took the stage each week for the 2nd annual Comanche Nation Casino Idol. Every week the contestants were competing for four coveted semifinal spots.

On Saturday (June 15) 32 contestants competed in the semi final round to claim one of the 10 spots in the finale on Saturday June 29. All contestants were judged based on singing talent, stage presence, and audience engagement. The 10 finalists are:

  • Anjelika Ramsdell
  • Samantha Rose
  • Mikayla Jo Balderas
  • Sheena Hines
  • Brenda McCormack
  • Jordan Bennett
  • Chara Bleer
  • Amanda Taylor
  • Shalasha Cooley
  • Chris Whalen

This year we are adding a fan favorite contestant to take the 11th spot and perform in the finale! You get get to choose your favorite contestant to join the current top 10. Cast your vote in the poll below!

*Voting will end at noon on Friday, June 21