If you are a couch potato like me, it time to pause and pay homage to a true visionary and legend. On Sunday we lost the leader of the couch potato army when Eugene Polley passesd away at age 96 in Chicago.Eugene Polley is the genius that invented the contraption that has allowed us to enjoy hours of feet-up channel surfing. Eugene Polley was the inventor of  the first wireless TV remote known as the "Flash Matic", the remote began as a luxury for those that could afford it and didn't want to get up and change the 4 channels the got on TV , but with the introduction of hundreds of channels the TV remote has become a necessity and a luxury for everyone.

Back in the old days kids if you wanted to switch TV channels from "Gunsmoke" to "Petticoat Junction," you had to get  up from your chair and actually walked across the room to the TV and turned a knob. But with the help of Eugene Polley's invention of the TV remote is has made life much easier , perhaps too easy for the younger generation of children.