A couple in New Jersey is suing their landlord for their security deposit back because the house they rented from him was haunted and he didn’t tell them that before they rented the place! It gets even weirder!

The couple stayed in the house for about a week and claim that in that time, lights turned on and off by themselves, clothes jumped out of the closet, things whispered in the dark, there were unaccounted for footsteps in the kitchen and something would tug at their bed sheets at night.

People from the community are coming forward saying the house is in fact haunted. For example Terence Sullivan, pastor of the Element Church says the house is being subject to demonic possession!

The couple has filled a lawsuit against the landlord asking the judge to award them the $2,250 deposit back; however the landlord filled a counter lawsuit saying the couple is making this up as a cover for rent can’t really afford!

A couple in New Jersey is suing their landlord saying the house they rented was haunted and they didn’t know it. . .until they started living there.  Now they want their $2,250 security deposit back.

Please, oh, please let these people be on Judge Judy!!

Do you believe in haunted places? Would you give them their security deposit back?